POWER FACTOR [’pau·’r ‚fak·t’r] -n

A ratio of the apparant power delivered (kVA) and the actual amount of power used (kW.
Power factor is an indication of efficiency.


EPowerFactor - Advanced Concepts in Power Factor Correction


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This page contains partial lists of known utilities which have costs for Power Factor by region>>>>>>>


The lists are updated regularly as we discover electric distribution companies that publish their electrical rate tariffs.
We appreciate input from visitors to our website regarding adding or subtracting names from the list as we know that many are not listed. If your local electrical utility is on the list you would be wise to determine if your power factor is costing you additional cost. Please let us know if we can assist.



North East ----> Region 1

North Mid West --> Region 2

South East ----> Region 3

South Central ----> Region 4